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Iberian Mouflon. Hunter J.L.L-S.T.

Iberian Mouflon SCI #6 139 4/8”

Iberian Mouflon. Hunter P.C. Jr.

Iberian Mouflon SCI World Record 151” SCI Iberian Mouflon SCI #3 Bow 128 3/4" It was a complete surprise when Mr. Ullmann called me and told me that it was a New World Record.I found this mouflon dead on the ground. I thought it was very big, ...

Iberian Mouflon. Hunter V.K.

Iberian Mouflon SCI #2 146 2/8" Iberian Mouflon SCI #2 146 2/8" Dear Mr. Kim, Thank you very much for coming from Russia and confiding in us. Thanks also to Tony Tonchev, without your help this hunt would not have been possible. At the time Mr. ...

Iberian Red Deer. Hunter F.S.S.

Iberian Red Deer SCI Not Measured


    Pedro Corell


    Jorge Juan 21, 3ª. 46004 Valencia (Spain)


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