Top Trophies: Iberian Mouflon and Pure Iberian Red Deer


Check our Top Trophies SCI measured of Iberian Mouflon and Pure Iberian Red Deer. Big game hunting at Los Claros Private Estate is an amazing experience for all hunters.


The World Record. Enjoy with our Top Trophies


The current SCI Biggest Iberian Mouflon ever measured was found dead at Los Claros (that’s the reason why it is not considered #1). Furthermore,  other 4 of the Top 10 SCI Iberian Mouflon were hunted with us at Los Claros. You can visit their pages and enjoy the pictures. You can get the next Iberian Mouflon World Record.


Exclusive private hunting estate only for you.


We guarantee that you will be at home. You will have at your disposal all our services in one of the best facilities and best hunting territories of Spain. Your well-being and privacy is essential.


Not only a Estate but also a good outfitter in Spain


You will find in us not only a good hunting outfitter in Spain but also good friends. Ask for our hunting packages of Iberian Mouflons or Pure Iberian Red Deers. But also, if you want to hunt other species in Spain, we will help you to make your dreams come true. Ask for other hunts: Monterías, Wild boar, Spanish Ibex, Chamois (Cantabrian & Pyrenean), Audad, Balearean Boc, Iberian Wolf, Fallow Deer and Roe Deer.